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Building on the Wellness Corridor

In the face of inequity and global warming, Global Wellness Connections (GWC) is building vital connections among the public, private, and academic sectors of health, nutrition, and mobility across the Upper-Midwest, to enhance health and wellbeing across the globe.

  • Just as Silicon Valley has become the global center for technology and innovation, GWC’s goal is to establish the Upper-Midwest of the United States as the Wellness Corridor.
  • Currently, GWC is funding initial projects and recruiting members to populate its dynamic learning laboratories, bringing together diverse perspectives, talents, and expertise; and fostering collaboration to find insights and solutions to issues both old and new.
  • The GWC is focused on thinking and doing: Identifying, developing, directing, and funding actionable programs and projects at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

In a rapidly-changing era, the difference between an opportunity and a threat is the time horizon in which we see it and act. This is our opportunity to establish a legacy position that will fuel regional prosperity for decades. Now is the time to act.

Why Here in the Upper Midwest?

Because this is fertile ground. The Upper-Midwest’s unique combination of pragmatism, imagination, logic, and creativity has already made our region a leader in healthcare, agriculture/food production, and medical technology. The abundance of natural resources, as well as economic and human assets are significant and leverageable. Furthermore, we have optimal capability to intentionally and productively connect assets, networks, and people.

Why Join the GWC?

Play a Vital Role in Solving Global Human Wellness Problems

The GWC is building connections and relationships that lead to new ways of decreasing the costs and time associated with delivering wellness products and services to everyone.

From direct impact projects like better customs clearance processes to truly advanced transportation projects and virtual connectivity programs to enhance access to nutrition and healthcare, GWC is looking for your heart, your head, and your participation.

With your support, we can..

  • Form a resilient, secure, and sustainable global leadership position in equitable health and wellness;
  • Bring a new sense of purpose to all of our people; and
  • Advance a sustainable, growing economy built on the technologies, talent, and traditions of the region.

Who Should be a
Member of the GWC

Partners With a Purpose

US Midwest Map

By leveraging the region’s dynamic assets and resources in the five states that make up the Upper Midwest, GWC will be positively impacting the general public and improving the evolution of the world’s social fabric. Organizations and entities from the following sectors are playing a key role in GWC’s vision.

Food & Nutrition





Physical & Virtual Connectivity

Programs and Projects Underway

Global Wellness Connections, with its partners GreenUmbrella, Future iQ, and GreaterMSP, are sponsoring The Future of Wellbeing: Minnesota Leading the Way. Nearly 100 participants from across Minnesota gathered virtually in expert engagement sessions beginning in February, 2022, describing the challenges and opportunities in the Wellness areas of health, food, social infrastructure, work, and government.

Participants gathered in person to chart out four scenarios for Minnesota, and create a roadmap for the future.

The Future of Wellbeing roadmap and report, including primary and secondary research from Future iQ, was released on October 7, 2022. Visit the Events page to learn more about this important milestone.

University Research Coordination with the Universities in Belgium
Frictionless Product Clearance with UMN, RASP, Liege, Multiple-Companies
Feasibility Study for Hyperloop Route MSP-Rochester

Completed Memorandums of Understanding
GWC and Wallonia Belgium
GWC and Hyperloop TT
Minnesota USA Expo

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