October 7, 2022, David Beurle of Future iQ presented the report that is the culmination of several previous sessions. He showed a preferred roadmap of collaborative action and challenged the group to create national recognition for the Upper Midwest as the Wellness Corridor. 

You can view the report here.

If you attended the event, and have the time and passion, please help us enable our region to continue to prosper and provide new opportunities from the unique combination of natural and developed assets available to us in the Upper Midwest Wellness Corridor. You will find the feedback form below.

Future of Wellbeing Feedback Form - October 2022

If you would like to support and/or participate in the development of the Upper Midwest Wellness Corridor and the many projects underway at GWC, please do leave us a note and indicate your areas of interest.
We will be hosting another information-sharing session in November, focused on a feasibility study for a Hyperloop and Minnesota’s opportunity to lead the country in the first line of a federally recognized carbon-neutral high-speed mass transportation system.